Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dr Suess Tribute

This is my piece for the upcoming gallery nucleus tribute show this Saturday.  I was very excited to be asked to participate along so many other talented artist to pay tribute to the inspiring world of Dr. Suess.  I choose to do a piece inspired by "Green Eggs and Ham."  I can relate to the main character who stubbornly refuses to try something new, as I grew up as an incredibly picky eater myself, and didn't discover real food until my adult life.  Now I love trying new things!  So thanks, Dr. Suess, & too bad it took me so long to understand the moral of the story & sorry mom for not eating anything, and sorry this looks nothing like you.  There's no control z with ink.

Here's more info on the show,
if you're in the area go check it out!


Alejandra said...

I wish you were down for it boo! I was always dubious about the green eggs and ham. Shit aint right.


Ken said...

Refried beans?

Jason Norton said...

Beautiful illustration Lindsey!

leo nieves said...

lovely drawing