Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My CTN recap!  
Here's some pictures I stole from my friends

me at our booth

Our booth! and the lovely Priscilla Wong

my mess

Here's a sampling of some of the caricatures I did at CTN

Thanks to everyone who came by our booth!! I met so many lovely people and enjoyed all the talks we had over caricatures.  Sorry to those whose faces I've exploited on the internet.

Also, For those of you who couldn't make it out and were interested in buying books, I have links!!

Here is a page my blog where you can buy my Sketchbook Collection

And for our Collaboration Book Hopscotch: Available on the Gallery Nucleus site


Trevor Spencer said...

Awesome work Lindsey! love seeing all the different caricatures. it was a pleasure meeting you this year :)

Mike Bear said...

these all look amazing. caricatures are hard! you make it look easy.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Great stuff! A couple friends of mine got caricatures done. Awesome work Lindsey!

Travis Lee Koller said...

You're too good! Cant believe you can kick that shit out on the spot. Im gonna have to stop by grimes on the way to my moms sometime.

Amy Kim said...

Ahhh!!! I recognize a lot of people in the pictures!! Thanks for the awesome caricature, I have it hanging in my room!

Agnes Salek said...

Glorious and gorgeous! Awesome work. It was super nice meeting you!

Kari said...

Thanks again for doing such a great caricature of me! :)
It was great meeting you, I hope you had a good time

Kyrstin said...

Love all the caricatures! And the booth looks adorable. Definitely sad I missed out on CTN!

Nicholas Hong said...

fantastic caricature! it must be lots of fun at ctn!

Carrie Liao said...

So sad I missed out on getting a caricature! :( But thanks for sharing pics, they are all lovely :)

Tooninator said...

your caricatures rock! Plus, your booth looks fantastic. The vintage decor is so fun

WASPart said...

A couple of Aaron's friends got their caricatures done!! I know them too. That makes them my friends too!! jajaja!! Me gustaron! Awesome work!

David de Rooij said...

Nice work!

I said hi!

lindsey olivares said...

Trevor- Nice meeting you as well, see you at the next convention maybe?

Mike-ah it is hard! Trying to learn under pressure! Thanks

Aaron- Thank you!

Trav- thanks! Come by grimes and we'll feed you beans, fresh walnuts and freshly squeezed oj!

Amy- yay! your welcome, it was nice meeting you!

Agnes- You as well!

Kari- I had a lovely time, it was nice meeting you as well!

Kyrstin-Next year! :)

Nicholas- It was a lot of fun, you should try to make it out next year!


Toon-Thanks, yeeeah I like the homemade thing :)

WASPart- Gracias :)

David :)

Caitlyn Dailey's ArtBlog said...

Thanks for the awesome character! It was lovely to meet you!

Dan Seddon said...

These are all so great Lindsey. It was really nice meeting you, and thanks for the caricature you did of me, I laugh every time i see it

Thomas von Kummant said...

seems like you had a lot of fun, hehe.

Fancia He said...

Your caricatures are an inspiration to others, to me! They are so unique!

Nix Nicoleta said...

cute. nice work

Aira said...

Your caricatures are FANATSTIC :)

Chloé Nicolay said...

so goood ! I find caricatures the hardest thing to draw, and yours are great :)

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