Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Searle in America

Hello!! Haven't posted in a while! Been busy on my little farm and freelancing things that I can't post.

But here is something!

I am happy to share my contribution to Matt Jones' Searle in America fundraiser.  Original art in homage to the amazing Ronald Searle will go on auction shortly to raise funds for a retrospective exhibition of his work in San Francisco.  I was inspired by Searle's sketches from his time serving in WWII and felt inspired to do something in the same vein.  I found my grandfather Eugenio Olivares' old photo album from his time stationed in Hawaii during the war and drew these based on his old photographs:

India Ink on Cardstock
8.5 x 11
photo reference credit to Tata


Nhung Nguyen said...

Wonderful! :)

Lindsey Lydecker said...

My Gramps was stationed in Hawaii too. I wonder if they were pals. :)
Great work Linds. These pieces are beautiful.

Matt Jones said...

I bet your grandpa's story would make an interesting film.

Ashley Perez said...

These are amazing work of art!

willie real said...

lol i love the big man little man salute. these are great lindsey

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

love these! All the Searle pieces look fantastic :D

Precious said...

This is great!